About Us

We are a group of sports enthusiasts who wants to share our passion with the rest of the community by providing a one-stop online platform for you to take part in sports. Sports makes us happy and keeps us healthy. However, we realise that it does take time to find that sports activity that you can take up competitively, in your free time or even as a family friendly activity that everyone enjoy.

By getting Sports companies on board, we aim to provide a complete listing of sports companies, coaches, events and the list goes on for you to discover and participate in. Name it, and we will strive to bring it on board.

Our Vision

To be the premier sports events company that serves the Local and someday the Global Sports Community through web technologies

Our Mission

(i) To provide a one-stop online sports platform for everyone to participate in sports

(ii) To provide sports organisations & sports businesses an avenue to reach out to the sports community using technology so that they can achieve their marketing goals.


This SportsEvents.SG online platform is founded and administered by ISGN VENTURES PTE. LTD.